Levenson, Inc.
  • Grove


    DARRAN's multipurpose collection embraces natural characteristics in its rawest form and celebrates all of the imperfections of solid wood.
  • Cassia

    Cassia Lounge Seating

    The qualities of cool, calm and contemporary are neatly collected in Stance Healthcare's Cassia Lounge Collection.
  • Sway Lounge

    Swagr Lounge

    eko Contract offers a happy medium between office chairs and more informal seats. The result is a whimsical family of seating made to fit everywhere.
  • DARRAN offers a wide variety of reception desks.

    Reception Desks

    DARRAN offers a variety of reception desk options that gives task functionality and modularity to achieve real workflow solutions in today's professional offices.
  • Kardia Transport

    Kardia Transport

    eko's complete collection of Kardia seating is thoughtfully designed for seamless specification throughout high traffic healthcare facilities.
  • Nemo Bar and Trellis

    Nemo Bar & Trellis

    izzy+ encourages collaboration and connection with creating a sense of place in an open space.
  • Trash Receptacles

    Trash Receptacles

    Peter Pepper meets your recycling and waste management needs.
  • Dotti Stools

    Dotti Stools

    The Fidget-friendly seating! Dotti's contoured rubber base promotes subtle movement, making learning (and working) more fun and engaging.
  • Not So Square - DARRAN

    Not So Square

    DARRAN offers a new approach to the open office with multi-tiered configurations to fit the work culture needs.
  • H@kr Collaborative

    H@kr Collaborative

    eko Contract creates energized environments where teamwork, learning and collaboration is the working norm.
  • DARRAN Posh Chair

    Posh Chairs

    DARRAN offers elegant yet affordable seating solutions for any office environment with High Back and Mid Back designs.
  • Peter Pepper Clocks


    Peter Pepper offers a wide variety of analog, and digital clocks, including wireless SyncTech system options.
  • Sylvi


    Sylvi by izzy offers residential-style comfort to create 3rd Spaces that are inviting, eye-catching and practical.
  • Showcases


    Create the ultimate visual display with Peter Pepper's PepperMint, MiniMint, & CrystalMint.
  • Attessa Lounge

    Attessa Lounge

    Stance offers modular seating and tables that are built to serve high-traffic, public areas.
  • Kindred


    Stance Healthcare offers freedom with the Kindred Collection to mix-and-match multiple top, face and kick styles.
  • Hannah Chair

    Hannah Chair

    The izzy+ Hannah chair's human-centered design allows it to be more than just a good looking chair. It is also durable, practical, versatile, and comfortable.
  • DARRAN Prado


    DARRAN offers timeless collections that enhance productivity and capture admiration.
  • Pause


    Hickory Contract's Pause is versatile seating to fit any space by offering cylinders, cubes, and rectangular benches with or without backs.
  • Peter Pepper's Magazine Rack for interior spaces.

    Magazine Racks

    Peter Pepper's lineup completes the look and function of the interior space.
  • Wabi

    Wabi Chair

    izzy+ promotes health and wellness through human-centered design with their Wabi & Nikko chairs.
  • Integrity


    Stance Healthcare is a metal seating specialist offering durability and clean-ability in their metal seating collections.
  • DARRAN Conference Tables

    DARRAN Conference

    DARRAN offers two series of premium boardroom and affordable conferencing options that mix beauty with the modern workplace.
  • My Zone

    My Zone

    OFGO offers versatile systems that incorporate a unique balance of style and functionality, promoting worker engagement, satisfaction, and performance.
  • Verona Chair

    Verona Chair

    Hugg offers a wide range of designer task, operational, executive, conference, & guest ergonomic seating.
  • SixTop

    Dewey 6-Top Table

    izzy+ fosters collaboration, and conversation by allowing six people to sit closer together without skimping on the work surface.
  • Hypate


    eko Contract flaunts graceful curves, refined shapes, and flared lines from every angle in the Hypate Collection that showcases attention to details.
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